Superior Service Excellence
AHG’s delivery of health engagement to customers is unique:

  • All services with the exception of on-site support are delivered by highly-trained and experienced team members at our corporate headquarters
  • Members and clients are served through cross-functional teams under the leadership of RN’s which allows us to meet all service and clinical needs of our customers
  • Team access and after-hours live support is available 24/7
  • Our own technology platform is used to deliver, track and report on all AHG services
  • Services are managed and audited per AHG's proprietary quality improvement protocols
  • AHG is accredited by URAC for case management
  • Able to immediately connect with a live operator on the onset of the call


Competitive Pricing
Investment in health engagement services is typically at or slightly lower than competitor fees. Various pricing models exist based on customer needs:

  • Utilization Management
  • Case Management
  • Disease Intervention
  • Patient Advocacy
  • Audit and Negotiation

High-Tech High Touch
Our services are delivered by balancing superior technology with professional and compassionate people.

Member Experience Comments
"She was one of the best nurses I've worked with in my 22 years in healthcare administration."
– Myrna C.

"My case manager's research and communication with my neurologist office saved me about $270 per infusion plus the 2 hour drive!"
– Janis D.

"All your reps are exceptional in the 15+ years of working with your organization. I am never dissatisfied!"
– Sue L.